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 Scam You Should Know About

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PostSubject: Scam You Should Know About   Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:48 pm

This scam has probably already been posted, but I will tell it anyway because it hurt me in the pocket book, literally. I went to an event where a person was selling 1 million yocoins for $5. He/she (not sure) had an email address in their message box. They ask you to send them $5 to their paypal account, then they will give you the 1 million coins in trade. Well, yes, I was REALLY STUPID to fall for this one, but I am writing it only to warn people that may be more gullible than me! The person had another avatar in the room with them, and I think it was their other account. Me and one or two others sent money through paypal, then not only the owner, but the other avatars in the room as well, poofed. So I felt like several of them were in on it, or it was multiple avatars belonging to the same person, trying to make me think it was legit. So, yes, I lost $5 and paypal will not listen to a dispute for virtual items. So for any of you out there that see an event like this, don't go unless you plan to investigate. I went to one the next day and a character that had been in the room when I got scammed was in this room too. I questioned the person, asking if they had lost money the day before to that person through paypal, and the person poofed, so I am suspicious. But please beware!!! Suspect
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Platinum Noob

Platinum Noob

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PostSubject: Re: Scam You Should Know About   Mon Feb 04, 2013 4:54 pm

Same scam has happened to us TWICE. We bought coins via paypal & he sent, then we decided ok, he seems legit, so we decided to buy more paid $24 for 6million yocoins & he poofed. So, nothing we can do about that on yoville I don't assume, but still waiting to hear from paypal since I filed a claim since it was for goods, even though it was virtual goods, but I am sure that will be $24.00 lost. We decided to try again a wk later with someone else, buying $3million for $12, this guy was smarter, he wanted the money we sent marked as a "GIFT", so I sent & ofcouse he got the money from paypal & poofed, BUT because I said it was a gift, you cannot file a claim with paypal for a gift silent again, I should have known better! So that is $36 we lost Rolling Eyes Well, like idiots, we found someone wanting Itunes card codes in exchange for yocoins, he was advertizing $15million yocins for a $15 Itunes code, I had 2 $10 Itunes cards. He changed his mind and said $5million yocoins for each $10 card. He was honest on the 1st one, I gave hime a $10 itunes giftcard code & he gave 5million coins & then I gave him the code for another $10 Itunes card & he poofed. That scam wasn't so bad, we at least got $5million coins for $20.00, but still yet that was not the deal. The deal was was $15million coins for a $15 itunes card...................Anyways, 3 out of 3 people have been scammers, so BEWARE of these people selling Yocoins for cash via Paypal! They get your money & poof, no way of doing anything about it!
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Scam You Should Know About

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